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Firebox Repairs

Where is the heat going in a firebox?

The firebox is the area inside of your fireplace where the fire actually burns. The bricks and masonry used in this area have to be able to stand up to extremely high temperatures (up to 800 degrees) and is vulnerable to deterioration over time. If you think your firebox may need repair, have our service tech do an inspection to be sure the structure is still in proper working condition. The bricks lifespan in the firebox depends on the WATER-DAMAGE. Without water damage the bricks average lifespan is 30 years.

Water Enters In Four Main Areas

  • Flashing
  • Top of the Chimney
  • Crown ( The flat section underneath the dome of the chimney)
  • Through The Bricks Of The Chimney
When water damages the brick, the firebox loses its ability to contain the heat within the firebox, therefore allowing a potential fire hazard within the walls of the house. Rebuilding the firebox not only adds safety and comfort to the homeowner, but the efficiency of the heating appliance is increased.

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